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Welcome to ECS - UK Distributors of Simple Green Products

THE safer alternative to hazardous chemicals and solvents

Tough Cleaning - Safe Solutions

Non - toxic
No Ammonia
Non - caustic
No Phosphates
Non - abrasive
No Chlorine Bleach
Not tested on animals
Non - flammable
No harmful solvents
Recyclable packaging

User Safe - Environment Safe

For more than 30 years Simple Green products have contributed to safety
worldwide, in millions of homes and a diverse range of industries.

Considered leaders in the development of effective, safe and versatile
concentrated environmentally cleaners that meet the ever more demanding requirements of
environmental legislation, Simple Green constantly seeks new ways to
make the workplace a safer place.

'We do not claim that we can save the world - just that you will not do it
any unnecessary harm by using Simple Green cleaning products'

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All-Purpose Cleaner - Regular 2x500ml
All-Purpose Cleaner - Regular 2x500ml

Carpet, Upholstery & Fabric Cleaner 1000ml
Carpet, Upholstery & Fabric Cleaner 1000ml

Hand Cleaner Gel - Pump Dispenser 3.79 litres
Hand Cleaner Gel - Pump Dispenser 3.79 litres

Carpet Cleaner - Buy 3 & get another FREE!
Carpet Cleaner - Buy 3 & get another FREE!

All-Purpose Cleaner - Crystal 2x500ml
All-Purpose Cleaner - Crystal 2x500ml

Dear ECS...

This is just to personally "thank-you" for the goods that got delivered. My Mum is "over the moon" with the products and the extras that you so kindly gave her.

Simple Green products are excellent. I have a disabled daughter and trying to teach her safety with cleaning products has been greatly improved since I introduced her to Simple Green. I do not worry so much about accidents, spillages, getting it on her hands etc. Thank you, you have made our lives easier. - Carol, Stockport UK

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